Q. What day and what time of day will i be mentoring?

A. The day and time you visit your student is flexible from week to week. You will be give times of day that are good for your student to be pulled from class.  These can include breakfast and lunch with your student.  As long as you visit during the specific times, your day of the week can change as necessary for your schedule.

Q. What do I talk about with my mentee?

A. Don't worry. In the training session we give you lots of resources to work with. If you lost your training manual, here are some resources for you to use with your mentee.

Q. How do I sign up to be a mentor?

A. Fill out the application form here.   It will take about 10-15 minutes to fill out your application.

Q. What requirements do I need to meet to sign up?

A. For the safety of our participants and school system requirements, you need to be able to complete and pass a multi-state criminal background check. We also check national sex offender registries. You also must be 18 years or older and be able to access reliable transportation.

Anyone who can procide a child with their own unique, positive encouragement can become a mentor if other criteria are met.

Q. What is the time commitment ?

A.  30 minutes each week during the school year.  We do not offer mentoring in the Summer or during school breaks.  Our program is designed for you to stay with your student for many years.  If you choose, you can follow them all the way to graduation!

Q.Can I meet with my mentee outside of school?

A.  For liability reasons, Legacy Youth Mentoring, AKA Lindsay's Legacy Mentoring cannot require or encourage you to meet with your mentee outside of the school, but some long-term mentor/mentee relationships are fostered outside of the school context, in ADDITION to within the school. For your own protection, it is advised you seek written permission of a guardian to cover your personal liability outside of the school setting.  LYM cannot be held liable for these occurrences because any time spent with a mentee off school property is not considered to be a part of the school-based mentoring program, as outlined in the new mentor training session.